President: Tom Sparks

Vice President: Joey Delusant

2nd Vice President & Events Chairperson: Heidi Schumacher

Secretary: Phyllis Sparks

Treasurer: Kevin Fennessy

Member At Large: Phil DiMaio, Darlene Sarnouski, Marion Delusant

Hall of Fames Chairperson: Kevin Fennessy

Hall of Fame Co-Chair/ Soccer Co-Chair: Jowy Crosta

Track and Field Co-Chair: Ron Chisolm

1983 Boys' Basketball Team Co-Chair: Ron Popowski

1983 Cheerleading Co-Chair: MaryBeth Young



Membership Coordinator

Phil DiMaio


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Alumni Editor

Marion Delusant



By Laws
Suzy Colon



Web Person: Patricia Trowbridge


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Upcoming events



May 7, 2016

Alumni Day/ Hall Of Fame

of Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field

and Cheerleading




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updated as of October 26, 2015